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Defined Goals

Before starting on a project we define your goals so everyone’s on the same page. You’ll see the difference in our results-oriented approach immediately.



Our Team has a proven track record of creating shareable custom content which gets real results.

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Keep It Fun

We believe in having fun while working our tails off. Don’t get caught in corporate stuffiness!

About Us

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"We believe Public Relations Should Be Fun, Not Boring!"

After years of working away for the corporate mega-firms, we got tired of wearing pant suits and sitting in a cubicle all day. We started Perennial Relations as an outlet for ourselves, but soon found our clients agreed! Our results are powerful, but our mindset is flowery. We use our charm and unrelenting enthusiasm to get you the best placements in the best sources. Start a campaign with Perennial Relations and see the difference a little fun makes!

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