Why Using an Outside PR Firm is Important for Growth

A recent blog entry on the East West public relations agency website examined eight reasons why it’s good for companies to use an outside public relations agency instead of trying to keep the work in-house. East West has offices in China, India and Singapore, and its specialty is representing western firms in Asia.

The author of the article, Nicole Fan, assumes that the reader already understands what an important role public relations can play in helping both large and small businesses thrive. He is looking more specifically at the question of whether or not to outsource public relations.

One reason Fan feels it’s best to take public relations work outside the firm is that an outside firm brings an outside perspective. If the staff of a business never lets in outsiders, it risks becoming too insular and introspective. Sometimes, people from the outside notice things that those on the inside miss.

Outsiders are also more objective. In the same way that parents rarely see their children the same way the neighbors do, the staff of a company rarely see their own organization as it actually is, and an outside public relations firm can point out ways to improve before potential consumers do. An objective perspective also brings fresh ideas. In short, using an outside public relations agency is an excellent way to get both constructive criticism and inspiration.

Furthermore, especially for small businesses, using an outside public relations firm often costs less because a public relations firm is ready to start work immediately; it doesn’t have to be developed in-house. If a company is hazy on how to represent their brand online, then turning to a public relations agency with a track record of digital success is an excellent idea.

As far as traditional representation, a good public relations firm has contacts in the media and industry that can help their clients when it’s time for them to hold an event or launch a product. In conclusion, while it’s best for a business to keep some things within the organization, public relations isn’t one of them.