Yulu Public Relations Honored as The Best PR Agency in 2017

Yulu Public Relations was acknowledged and given the Agency of the Year award 2017 at the PR Daily’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards. The PR Daily’s CSR Awards honor the most effective campaigns, initiatives as well as one-offs in the media, marketing, PR, and communication industries. The CRS Awards were created in honoring organizations devoted to making the globe a healthier, safer, smarter as well as more sustainable place.

Melissa Orozco, who is the creative director and founder of Yulu Public Relations, said that they were honored and thrilled to be awarded the Corporate Social Responsibility Agency of the Year. He continued saying that they believe that each company is having the potential of having a positive influence on the communities that they are living and working. It is always a distinguished joy to go to work on a daily basis when you are working with organizations that are socially innovative and are capable of seeing past the bottom line plus think beyond the existing state of affairs.

Yulu PR is one of the first purpose-driven public relation agencies in North America, with a goal to completely champion social innovation. Also, Yulu Public Relations is the driving force that is behind the Impact Relations, which is the discipline of widely sharing stories, ideas, and messages that have the potential of changing behavior that results in creating a significant positive environmental or social impact on the society.

The portfolio of Yulu PR features campaigns that are impactful for high profile initiatives, organizations, and movements like the World Housing, David Suzuki Foundation, Chopra Center, the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment), and the Clinton Foundation.

Most recently, Yulu Public Relations partnered with:

  1. B Lab, which is a non-profit organization that has its headquarters in Wayne, Pennsylvania. The organization oversees the B Lab certification.
  2. Genus Fossil Free, leading Canada pioneers in the space of fossil free investing.
  3. Red Bull Amaphiko Academy, which is an international summit for the for social entrepreneurs.

Established in the year 2011 by Melissa Orozco, Yulu PR is a social impact public relations agency located in Vancouver, a coastal seaport city in Canada. The firm has a satellite office for NY public relations. It’s the first B Corporation public relations agency in Canada that is devoted to championing social innovation through sharing of stories that matters. Yulu PR is ranked as one of the top public relations agencies for the Corporate Social Responsibility.

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